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‘Talent & tech' key to delivering world-class claims service, report finds

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The Lloyd’s Market Association (LMA) and PwC has published a report, following engagement with London market carriers, on the transformation of their claims departments...

The report, entitled Claims Workforce of the Future - London Market, found that while high-calibre technical claims handling skills are prevalent, a better balance is needed between those and various supplementary skills such as data analytics and customer experience management.


Other key findings include:

  • new skills and processes are required to successfully transform the London market
  • a shift in emphasis is needed by insurers to be much more customer-centric
  • technology is not a panacea: culture, processes and approach need to change
  • better support is required for claims staff to adapt to the ‘new world’.


Lee Elliston, Claims Director, LMA said: “Technology is bringing sweeping changes, challenges and opportunities. It is enabling process changes, as part of the market’s transformational efforts, to keep pace with ever-increasing customer expectations. However, the analysis and insights within this report clearly highlight that better supporting people to adapt, develop and lead in modern claims environments is crucial. This will help further the transformation of claims in the Lloyd’s and London market, to deliver a modern, world-class claims service to our customers”.