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New opportunities ahead for Africa as the new world order takes shape

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Junk status for South African investments, wobbles over the state of the Nigerian economy and the continuation of low oil prices are making Africa a hard continent to read right now...

However, many experts believe that new opportunities are just around the corner as Donald Trump hints of a move away from aid towards more business deals with the African continent and as the UK looks for alternative markets as it exits the EU.


For some it is a big risk and demand more information about the challenges African investment might pose, while, for the insurance and reinsurance markets, it is a question of how best to support those investors and how insurance can be used to galvanise African economies.


Climate change is set to have a major impact on African countries, raising food security supply issues for the home country but also for other markets currently served by African farmers. Agricultural insurance is often seen as a major mitigating tool in this area but the question for many is how to reach myriad thousand small farmers who make up the backbone of many African economies, providing employment and also feeding the local populations.


Insurers and reinsurers are also beginning to consider those agriculturalists as the key to driving better insurance penetration rates across the continent.


Insurers, reinsurers, regulators and risk managers will be meeting in London on 3 May at a one-day event hosted by Commercial Risk Africa to discuss the challenges and opportunities for doing business in Africa in this new world order.


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