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Market Briefing: Claims Imagery & Intelligence Service

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Given the potential significance (to the Lloyd’s market) of Hurricane Harvey, the LMA, its members and Lloyd’s have activated the Mckenzie Intelligence Service (MIS) for the first time...


The Satellite Imagery and Intelligence Service provided by MIS supports managing agents' (MAs) response to this event. The supply of vital intelligence is allowing many to quickly estimate damage/loss and exposure and where appropriate utilise to make claims decisions. Triggering the service for the first time allows the market to test the capabilities of the technology given the scale of the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey. The LMA is monitoring performance and will make improvements where needed to maximise the benefit of this technology for the market and policyholders.




Managing agent (MA) representatives, LMA and Lloyd’s have supported the delivery of a satellite imagery and intelligence service that benefits claims and exposure management post-CAT event. The LMA’s Claims Committee (LMACC) has agreed to support and fund this service for year one, allowing all Lloyd’s managing agents to make use of the service to support a response to the event at a managing agent and market level.




In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, the service provided data, imagery and intelligence to Managing Agents. The intelligence  assists MAs in assessing their exposure, impact and the event timeline whilst supported by  ‘all source data’ available via social media and media outlets covering the event locally or nationally.


Managing agents have access to MIS’s custom built portal and received 24 and 72 hours post loss reports of the affected and surrounding areas. 


24-hour report provides:


  • Initial ‘Event Footprint’ including satellite imagery and any ‘all source’ data available assisted in providing an early ‘ground truth’, giving MAs vital insight at an early stage as to the extent of the damage/loss. For Hurricane Harvey MIS utilised Houston’s publicly available CCTV network and the hydrological survey points in Texas to map the initial extent of the flooding. 


72-hour report provides:


  • Updated ‘Event Footprint’ including a fusion of satellite imagery with analysis provided by MIS, identified areas damaged (granular enough to identify specific properties/risks). Vector data is available in all required formats (ESRI Shapefile, KML, Geojson, CSV file etc.) that can be used by MAs to overlay with their own data allowing them to better understand their exposures


Next steps


The LMA are closely monitoring the situation in Texas and Louisiana. We are working with our members and Lloyd’s to best support brokers and Lloyd’s policyholders.


The claims imagery and intelligence service will continue to provide Lloyd’s claims professionals with intelligence and support the markets response to this event.


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