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Guy Carpenter to Host Scientific and Engineering Expo to Launch New InsurTech Advisory Offering Developed with Numerati Partners LLC

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Guy Carpenter & Company has announced the August 9, 2018 launch event for its InsurTech Alliance...

...a cost effective, state of the art and insurer-focused suite of capabilities to help carriers evaluate new innovations in the areas of data, analytics and digital technology-based products and solutions.


Developed in collaboration with Numerati® Partners LLC – and its affiliated ecosystem comprised of scientists, engineers, academic institutions, public and private sector entities and non-governmental organizations (e.g. think tanks and other research institutions) – the InsurTech Alliance is part of Guy Carpenter’s expanded InsurTech offering designed to meet its clients’ desire to understand and leverage the dynamic universe of InsurTech while driving profitable growth.


“We formed the InsurTech Alliance after listening to our clients and the challenges they face taking advantage of the new capabilities offered by start-up companies. There is clearly growing interest in keeping pace with innovations impacting all steps of the insurance value chain. Because the InsurTech space is moving so quickly, you need unique technical skills to understand and test which new capabilities are going to work for you,” said Claude Yoder, Global Chief Innovation and Product Development Officer for Guy Carpenter.


The InsurTech Alliance combines Guy Carpenter’s (re)insurance and risk management expertise with Numerati® Partners’ technical capabilities, science and engineering expertise and direct industry experience within risk technologies and R&D, as well as with financial and insurance sector innovation. This new service allows insurers to inform their management with technological intelligence validated by leading scientists and engineers. The unique ability to understand advancements in data, analytics, and technology gives insurers a front row seat to innovation as it happens. Most importantly, it provides participants an operational advantage in on-boarding new capabilities that may help them grow, increase profit and future-proof their firm.


The Scientific and Engineering Expo provides an opportunity for insurers to test-drive the InsurTech Alliance and engage with Guy Carpenter, Numerati® Partners, and the Numerati® Partners’ ecosystem of technical experts leading the digital technological revolution. It will also feature exhibits, hands-on demonstrations and presentations by InsurTech vendors.


“There are over 50 new start-up companies formed each month,” said Yoder. “Technologies are evolving so rapidly that it is critical for insurers to have resources with intimate knowledge of these changes to keep pace. Guy Carpenter, with the help of Numerati® Partners and their ecosystem of universities and engineering firms, can now offer our clients and prospects the technical intelligence, and infrastructure to help them identify, evaluate, and test selected InsurTech products and leverage innovation for a competitive advantage.”


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