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Damage to Southeastern U.S. Caused by Recent Tornadoes

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An outbreak of severe convective storms across the southeastern U.S. yesterday, March 3rd, has led to several strong tornadoes that have caused significant damage in parts of Alabama, Georgia, and Florida...

As of today, March 4th, the following is known:


  • Reported Fatalities -- There have been 23 reported fatalities in Lee County, Alabama. This marks the deadliest day for tornadoes in the United States since May 20, 2013, and the deadliest day for tornadoes in Alabama since 2011. The death toll in Lee County, Alabama, is also greater than the number of deaths from tornadoes in the entirety of the U.S. in 2018.
  • Power Outages -- According to authorities, around 42,000 properties were without power across Alabama and Georgia, with most of them located in Lee County, Alabama. A further 9,000 households were without power in South Carolina, according to the South Carolina Emergency Management Division. At least 10,000 customers remain without power, as of March 4. 


The full extent of the damage across the southeastern U.S. is expected to become clearer in the coming days as official damage surveys are conducted. RMS will continue to review the damage and provide updates. For questions about these events, please reach out to