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Beazley’s London market underwriting team ranked top by peers in Gracechurch report

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Beazley is proud to be ranked top in terms of bench strength among London market underwriters in Gracechurch’s 2021 London’s Leading Underwriters report...

Based on 1,400 individual nominations by brokers and underwriters across the London market, the report ranks the leading underwriters across the market and according to line of business, as well as the firms whose underwriting teams perform best overall.

In addition to coming top for overall team strength, Beazley triumphed in the top 10 lists for underwriting teams across multiple lines of business. These include Accident & Health, Casualty/Non-Marine Liability, Marine, Professional Indemnity, Property, Reinsurance and War & Political Risk.

Individual underwriters at Beazley also shine in the Gracechurch rankings, with Tim Garrett, Head of Cargo, featuring in the top 10 lists for both overall leading underwriters and marine underwriters, coming in at 8th and 3rd respectively.

Beazley ranked 4th overall for female underwriter bench strength while Katie Caris-Harris, InternatioCommenting on Beazley’s success in the rankings, Ben Bolton, Managing Director of Gracechurch Consulting, said the underwriting team now led on bench strength “by a fairly significant margin, adding: “Beazley’s performance is truly impressive and shows the benefits that accrue from continuity and creating a distinctive brand and contemporary business.”

Included among the top 10 underwriters according to line of business were:

Tim Garrett: 3rd for Marine and 8th for overall leading underwriters

Katie Caris-Harris: 9th in Accident & Health and 7th for leading female underwriters

Richard Young: 4th for War & Geopolitical Risks and 6th for Marine

Simon Jackson: 2nd for Property

Mark Vaughan: 3rd for Reinsurance

Tim Turner, co-chief underwriting officer and head of marine, said: “This has been a tough yet exceptionally interesting time for the London market in which underwriting expertise and experience has been tested and stretched to respond to unprecedented conditions. We are very appreciative of the efforts of our teams across Beazley particularly over the past 12 months and it’s gratifying to see the high regard that our underwriters are held in by our peers across the market, too.”