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Beazley launches international cyber & breach response broker portal

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Beazley has launched a cyber & breach response portal containing an all-encompassing set of resources designed to help broker partners...

...and coverholders stay informed and educated on the constantly evolving cyber risk landscape. 


Once registered, brokers will have unlimited access to a vast suite of information – from cyber basics, through to industry-specific issues, regulatory updates, product information, breach and claim examples and risk insights. Brokers will also be able to access a wide variety of external sources from selected partners that provide additional knowledge and insight. 


Paul Bantick, global head of cyber & technology insurance at Beazley, said: “It is very difficult if not impossible for most organisations to completely avoid cyber risk, particularly in the current remote-working environment. But they can prepare for it. The insurance market can play a crucial role in helping prepare, which is why we have created this portal. The portal provides international brokers with the valuable insight and tools they need to understand the risk environment faced by our mutual clients face in these challenging times.” 


The portal is aimed at international brokers placing non-US risks. It complements, Beazley’s dedicated site for cyber insurance clients, which offers information and resources to help them understand the available services, and to best prepare and plan for a data breach event. 


Beazley is a pioneer in cyber liability and data breach insurance. It was the first insurer to have a dedicated in-house breach response team responsible for assisting cyber policyholders at every stage of incident investigation and breach response. BBR Services also provides a full range of resources to help mitigate risks before an incident occurs. Since the launch of Beazley Breach Response in 2009, Beazley has helped tens of thousands of clients manage cyber incidents successfully. 


The portal is available at