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Beazley introduces new ways of working for global workforce

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Employees can choose where they will work most effectively...

Employees at Beazley now have more flexibility over when and where they work with the introduction of new working practices. 

The changes aim to empower employees and recognise that the long-held view of the office as the most effective working environment for everyone all of the time has shifted. 

Employees can now choose to return to their office or continue working from home after lockdown or opt for a hybrid of spending time across different locations. 

Beazley’s global branch network remains in place and employees are expected to consider how to best engage with brokers, clients and colleagues when deciding on their most suitable location. The company has also dispensed with core hours in order to provide greater flexibility around how people divide their time in their working day. 

The new approach reflects an acceleration of Beazley’s move towards an activity-based working (ABW) approach that began two years ago. This has included equipping employees with the technology, tools and principles to enable them to work effectively at the office, home or other location. The approach has been fully tested in lockdown, during which time productivity has been maintained or improved. Employee surveys have also shown that greater flexibility is a welcome bi-product of an otherwise testing time. 

Andrew Horton, Beazley CEO, said: “Over recent years we have been adopting a more flexible working culture to give people more control over their work life balance and help our company attract and retain great talent.

The pandemic has accelerated this shift and employee feedback and data show many of us feel just as productive, if not more, working in this way.

“Employee surveys have also shown there are elements many of us miss by working virtually, especially around fostering relationships, meeting brokers in person and learning from colleagues. We want to maintain these interactions, which are core to our culture and play a significant role in driving innovation and knowledge sharing. As our model evolves our collaborative culture will play an important role, driving success and making Beazley a great place to work.”

Pippa Vowles, global head of Talent Management at Beazley, said: “We are empowering colleagues to work in a way that works for them and their teams, their clients and brokers, based on mutual respect and flexibility. Feedback from external partners on our transition to remote working during lockdown was overwhelmingly positive and we’re confident we can continue delivering great service and innovative solutions under our new model.

“The world of work has changed during this pandemic and provided an opportunity to drive new approaches that we believe are good for our business as well as our people. We are mindful that teams and roles need to work in different ways and some groups, particularly new joiners, need more personal interaction than others. We will be ensuring these groups are fully supported and that colleagues continue considering and supporting one another to ensure we can all make this model a success.”