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Beazley expands product range for construction industry

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Beazley has launched five new products, supporting the company's growing presence in the US builders' risk and inland marine sectors. Beazley's global construction team underwrites construction risks out of London, Singapore and the US...



Its expanded US product suite now includes:


  • Contractors' block - "All in one" property solution for contractors including builder's risk, contractor's equipment and real and personal property.


  • Contractors' equipment - Coverage for contractor's equipment and tools on a stand alone basis.


  • Riggers' liability - Coverage designed for liability arising out of the moving of property and equipment that belongs to others.


  • Scheduled property - Designed to cover mobile or moveable equipment.


  • Medical and diagnostic equipment - First party physical damage coverage for scheduled and newly acquired medical equipment.  


Tom Warner, the US builders' risk focus group leader at Beazley, said:  "These new coverages enhance Beazley's ability to develop one-stop solutions for our broker partners and their construction clients across multiple industries.  In addition to Beazley's products in the construction sector, the new medical and diagnostic equipment policy complements Beazley's extensive healthcare insurance business, which provides professional liability insurance to many of the country's largest hospitals and a wide range of other healthcare providers."


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