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Beazley enhances trio of innovative cyber and media & technology insurance policies in Spain

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Access to Beazley’s flagship breach response services provides 360°protection to businesses against cyber risks...

Beazley has enhanced three of its innovative data privacy, information and network security, and media & technology related products for businesses in Spain.

In line with Beazley's commitment to providing more straight-forward, user-friendly policies, Beazley's flagship cyber policies – Beazley Breach Response (BBR) and InfoSec  and MediaTech have been streamlined. First-party covers, such as cyber extortion, data recovery loss, business interruption, contingent business interruption and e-crime, such as fraudulent instruction, funds transfer and telephone fraud, have been integrated into the main policy, making cover clearer to understand for brokers and customers.

In addition to businesses with a BBR policy, from today, clients with an InfoSec or MediaTech policy will also have access to the range of risk management and breach response services provided by Beazley’s in-house team of experts, BBR Services.

Beazley’s cyber solutions provide insurance cover and risk management services to help commercial clients prepare for and manage data breaches and cyber-attacks. Via BBR Services' risk management portal,, clients can access a wealth of resources for incident response planning, employee training, compliance, and security best practices in Spanish. This includes education on the latest threats, preventive steps and regulatory requirements.

BBR is targeted at small-to-medium sized businesses while Beazley InfoSec is an information security and privacy policy for larger organisations.

MediaTech is designed to provide comprehensive errors & omissions (E&O) and media cover tailored to the risks faced by technology and software developers, and those installing and providing the know-how to implement network, multimedia and tech systems. These offerings are underpinned by Beazley’s award-winning claims team. 

Lorena Segovia, financial lines regional manager for continental Europe, said: “The enhancement of these three products is particularly timely as organisations across Europe face a rising tide of cyber, information technology and network security risks as they cope with the impact of COVID-19, and have so many employees working from home.

“This launch is part of our planned European expansion, and it underlines our commitment to extend access to our specialty products in Europe.”

Alessandro Lezzi, head of Beazley’s international cyber & tech team, said: “The BBR, InfoSec and MediaTech policies provide businesses with 360° degree protection via a suite of comprehensive, service-led tech and cyber products. They help insureds prepare for, manage and recover from a data breach, cyber attack or E&O claim as quickly as possible, with minimum impact on the business and its reputation.”