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Beazley adds embedded workplace violence cover for its US insurer clients

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Over two million Americans experience workplace violence each year, with potentially devastating consequences for organizations and individuals...

The spectrum of risk is broad and campaigns like #Metoo and #Timesup are raising awareness of the extent of workplace violence and harassment - sexual, physical or verbal - experienced by both men and women. Yet, because traditional general liability insurance does not usually respond to these risks, many organizations find themselves without suitable cover. 

To help meet this demand, specialist insurer Beazley has added embedded workplace violence cover to the range of specialist products that US insurers can access through its Beazley Product Solutions (BPS) team.  By partnering on a reinsurance basis with BPS, insurance carriers are able to offer a wide range of specialist products to their policyholders, who are typically small and medium-sized organizations.

Beazley's embedded workplace violence cover can now be added by US insurers to their business owner, commercial general liability, employment practice liability or professional liability policies. It is offered on a 100% quota share basis, with BPS responsible for claims management.


The cover contains a broad definition of workplace violence, encompassing any actual or alleged intentional act or threat of physical violence, harassment, intimidation, or other threatening or disruptive behaviour that occurs at the work 'premises'.    

Up to $100,000 of cover is available for liability losses incurred by the insured (damages and defense costs), as well as business interruption losses and the costs of employing temporary personnel.   

At what can be an exceptionally distressing and difficult time for a business, BPS's embedded workplace violence cover also provides access to post-incident crisis management support from one of the leading specialist crisis management firms in the United States, including:  


  • critical decision support in the first moments of a crisis
  • investigation and response services
  • crisis communications
  • media services


Libby Benet, underwriter US lead for Beazley Product Solutions, said: "Greater awareness of the extent and impact of workplace violence and social media's power to get the word out mean that this is a rapidly growing risk for organizations. Our embedded workplace violence cover means that US insurers can now offer their clients specialist protection and the crisis management expertise of one of the nation's foremost professional organizations."


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