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Barbican boosts cyber cover with incident response exercises and phishing simulation

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Barbican Insurance Group has announced that it has further strengthened its cyber insurance cover by providing incident response exercises and phishing simulation as part of the overall package...

...The guidance will be delivered by leading enterprise risk and cybersecurity consulting firm TSC Advantage.


·         Barbican’s cyber division teams up with TSC Advantage

·         Insureds benefit from comprehensive incident response exercises and evaluation, and phishing simulation

·         Provided as free ‘value adds’ for cyber insureds


Through TSC Advantage, Barbican will provide its cyber insureds with access to two distinct types of cyber security training. The first delivers a comprehensive cyber incident response exercise working directly with the insured to test the resilience of current strategies and delivering recommendations for improvements. The second focuses on social engineering attacks, with the insured being exposed to a series of targeted phishing simulation emails to evaluate current phishing defences and providing action points on how to strengthen them.


Graeme King, business group leader for cyber at Barbican, said: “At Barbican, we are committed to finding new ways to boost the cyber resilience of our insureds and it is in all of our interests to help reduce the potential for cyber-related losses. By introducing these new training components into our policies, we want to place our clients in the strongest possible position to withstand attacks, while also empowering them to respond quickly and effectively when an incident occurs.”


Will Durkee, director of security solutions at TSC Advantage, added: “From our years in offensive cyber operations, we bring the attacker mentality into the defensive support we provide. We know the vulnerabilities hackers search for and help organisations close those gaps. We look forward to working with Barbican to ensure that their cyber insureds have the best cyber posture possible.”


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