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AIG Announces Third Quarter 2020 Catastrophe Loss Estimates, including COVID-19 Catastrophe-Related Loss Estimates; and Results of the Life & Retirement and Legacy Annual Actuarial Assumption Update

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American International Group, Inc. has announced its General Insurance catastrophe losses, including COVID-19 catastrophe-related losses, for the quarter ended September 30, 2020... well as results of the Life & Retirement and Legacy annual actuarial assumption update.

Third quarter 2020 catastrophe loss estimates, net of reinsurance, in the company’s General Insurance segment totaled $790 million, before tax, which include $185 million of estimated catastrophe losses for claims related to COVID-19, principally in its travel, event cancellation, trade credit, property, agriculture and casualty books of business. Third quarter non-COVID-19 catastrophe losses of $605 million reflect windstorms and tropical storms in the Americas and Japan, as well as wildfires on the west coast.

Brian Duperreault, AIG’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “The third quarter experienced a high frequency of global catastrophe events with low to moderate severity, including the ongoing impact of COVID-19. These events have had a limited impact on AIG as a result of our underwriting discipline, reinsurance programs, revamped risk appetite and the strength of our balance sheet.”

AIG also announced the results of its annual actuarial assumption update for the Life & Retirement and Legacy segments. This year’s update included lower interest rate assumptions, including a decrease in the expected 10 year forward 10-year Treasury rate to approximately 2.8%, updates to mortality assumptions and revised policyholder behavior assumptions, particularly on lapses and deferred acquisition cost amortization.

As a result of this update, AIG recorded a third quarter 2020 charge of $7 million, after-tax ($9 million pre-tax), to net income attributable to AIG common shareholders, reflecting a charge of $22 million, pre-tax, in the Life & Retirement segment and a benefit of $13 million, pre-tax, in the Legacy segment. The $22 million charge is comprised of a charge of $120 million, pre-tax, included in adjusted pre-tax income (APTI), and a benefit of $98 million, pre-tax, reflected in net realized capital losses and deferred acquisition costs related to guaranteed minimum withdrawal benefits. The impact to APTI for the Legacy segment was a benefit of $13 million.