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AIG Announces Results of its 2020 Annual Meeting of Shareholders

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Shareholders of American International Group, Inc. yesterday elected twelve directors at the company's Annual Meeting of Shareholders...

Shareholders also voted to support each of the four other proposals recommended by the AIG Board of Directors (the “Board”) and, as the Board recommended, shareholders withheld support for the shareholder proposal included in the 2020 Proxy Statement.

The results were as follows:

(1) Elected twelve directors as follows:

 NomineeVotes For Votes Against
 W. Don Cornwell684,630,444 18,066,250
 Brian Duperreault699,031,408 3,687,657
 John H. Fitzpatrick699,326,821 3,371,392
 William G. Jurgensen698,801,607 3,897,360
 Christopher S. Lynch686,088,522 16,590,735
 Henry S. Miller687,881,457 14,816,709
 Linda A. Mills688,956,192 13,755,967
 Thomas F. Motamed691,162,105 11,515,284
 Peter R. Porrino699,859,890 2,835,487
 Amy L. Schioldager700,060,736 2,624,187
 Douglas M. Steenland690,382,799 12,318,777
 Therese M. Vaughan696,709,163 5,975,658

2) Approved a non-binding advisory resolution to approve executive compensation by a vote of 659,862,264 shares for and 42,638,072 shares against.

(3) Approved the amendment and restatement of AIG’s Amended and Restated Certificate of Incorporation to restrict certain transfers of AIG common stock in order to protect AIG’s tax attributes by a vote of 672,987,517 shares for and 29,627,948 shares against.

(4) Approved ratification of the amendment to extend the expiration of the American International Group, Inc. Tax Asset Protection Plan by a vote of 607,110,408 shares for and 95,536,299 shares against.

(5) Approved ratification of the selection of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP as AIG's independent registered public accounting firm for 2020 by a vote of 706,133,411 shares for and 34,051,760 shares against.

(6) Withheld support for a shareholder proposal calling for the Board to take steps to amend the AIG By-Laws to reduce the threshold for shareholders eligible to call special meetings – from shareholders who hold at least 25 percent of AIG’s outstanding common stock to shareholders who hold at least 10 percent of AIG’s outstanding common stock – by a vote of 309,037,699 shares for and 393,480,547 shares against.