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Full Presentation: 1 January 2016 Renewals - Innovation and Customisation

Nick Frankland opened the presentation by providing a brief overview of renewals activity. “The January 2016 renewal was an orderly, stable, very business-like renewal. It was on time and it developed and performed very much as we predicted at Baden Baden. Prices were generally lower than at 2015, but they decreased at a slower rate. The amount of reinsurance capital was broadly stable, but capacity still exceeded demand and overall more limits were purchased..."

The (Re)Insurance Landscape

The (re)insurance industry continues to evolve and adapt to a changing market on many fronts. Recent areas of focus include heightened cyber security risk, increased regulation, political and economic uncertainty, low interest rates and slow economic growth. At the same time, (re)insurers are managing new capital inflows, excess capacity and few catastrophe losses...