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Risks & Opportunities - Manifesto 2019

From consumers to small businesses to major corporate global clients; insurance brokers manage risk and help create new opportunities for their customers...

  • BIBA / Report / 15 hours ago
  • Law

GR Winter Edition 2018

Read the Q4 edition of GR, including features on wildfire, pandemic risk to mark the 100 year anniversary of Spanish influenza, and a roundup of coverage from Monte, Baden and SIRC...

  • Global Reinsurance / Report / 27 days ago
  • Accident & Health / Contingency

Insider Quarterly is about to go through a renaissance. I’m not suggesting it’s about to become enlightened and cultured – hopefully it has always been that – but there’s always room for improvement...

  • Insurance Insider / Report / 28 days ago
  • Marine Liability

Horizon Scanning: A Practitioner’s Guide

Despite the efforts of witches and mages throughout the ages, the future can never be accurately foretold. In our modern world, our organisations turn to risk management as the latter day shaman...

  • Institute of Risk Management / Report / 2 months ago
  • Risk Management

The Broker - November 2018

In this last edition of The Broker in 2018, we end the year somewhat as we began, with the hot topic still being Brexit...

  • BIBA / Report / 2 months ago
  • Law