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Risks & Opportunities - Manifesto 2019

From consumers to small businesses to major corporate global clients; insurance brokers manage risk and help create new opportunities for their customers...

  • BIBA / Report / 2 months ago
  • Law

GR Winter Edition 2018

Read the Q4 edition of GR, including features on wildfire, pandemic risk to mark the 100 year anniversary of Spanish influenza, and a roundup of coverage from Monte, Baden and SIRC...

  • Global Reinsurance / Report / 3 months ago
  • Accident & Health / Contingency

Insider Quarterly is about to go through a renaissance. I’m not suggesting it’s about to become enlightened and cultured – hopefully it has always been that – but there’s always room for improvement...

  • Insurance Insider / Report / 3 months ago
  • Marine Liability