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Horizon Scanning: A Practitioner’s Guide

Despite the efforts of witches and mages throughout the ages, the future can never be accurately foretold. In our modern world, our organisations turn to risk management as the latter day shaman...

  • Institute of Risk Management / Report / 2 months ago
  • Risk Management

Helping Transformation Programmes Work

With the government continuing to search for new, more efficient methods of working, its transformation programmes are often highly ambitious and reliant on both working online and implementing new...

Making informed insurance decisions

In April this year, the IRM’s Internal Model Industry Forum (IMIF) released a report which outlined how insurance companies can factor operational risk into their insurance purchasing decisions – and...

Expand your risk appetite to spark growth

n business, risk is like cholesterol. There are good and bad strains. Just like in health news, where bad cholesterol makes the headlines, the negative risks that face large organizations dominate — from...