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Political Risk & War

New classes of business announced on PPL

PPL is pleased to announce that more new classes of business have joined the platform. On Monday 5th March, Energy & Construction, K&R, Political Risk & Real Estate went live – and nearly 1,000 new users have been trained to use electronic placement as a first step to gaining efficiencies in their work processes...

LMG Proposal Resolves Access Vs. Control Brexit Dilemma

The LMG has published a detailed proposal for the UK Government that sets out a mechanism that would enable the EU and UK to maintain access to their insurance markets and control over their respective regulatory systems, once the UK leaves the EU...

  • London Market Group / Hosted articles / 1 year ago
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LMG publishes Brexit recommendations for Government

The London Insurance Market is the global centre of specialty insurance and reinsurance. Its unique qualities of concentrated capital, expertise and ability to provide global coverage ensure that London is relied upon as the best place capable of undertaking certain types of business...

  • London Market Group / Report / 2 years ago
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Statement on Brexit

Nicolas Aubert, Chairman of the London Market Group commented: “Today’s result is a significant one, but for the London Market it is very much business as usual for now. As the future of the UK’s trading relations unfolds, we are confident that the market...

  • London Market Group / Hosted articles / 3 years ago
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