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BrokerFest 2020

Helping brokers do better business. BrokerFest 2020 will open with a look at the results of the 2019/2020 Broker Service Survey and what these mean for brokers and insurers...

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11 02 2020

Google and Insurance - Planning for a Truly Digital Future

We’re thrilled to announce that our next event on 25th February will be in collaboration with Google. They’re coming along to tell us about their 2020 plans for insurance and the role of Instech London and the innovation community in that. We’ll also hear from a couple of scale-ups already working with Google about what that involves and how they have benefited from that support. Top of the bill will be a series of pitches from early-stage startups with propositions with the potential to align with Google’s vision. We’ll get them to assess and tell us how they might envisage supercharging the right kind of business and the tools they have at their disposal to do that. IMPORTANT: Given that this is a unique opportunity to get a real insight into how Google sees the future of insurance and will certainly sell out, tickets for this event will only be on sale to our members (whether they be corporate, individual, sponsored by the LMA or startups).

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25 02 2020

Designing Insurance for the Gig Economy - The Financial Services Forum

Mis-selling scandals, dual pricing, product bundling, commoditisation, lack of transparency, and convoluted language - the lack of trust in insurance as an industry is well documented. But while the benefits of building trust with customers are self-evident, the industry’s structural focus on price combined with a lack of customer touch points has so far posed a significant barrier to change. Now, with a new generation of customer-focused products emerging, how can marketers harness the opportunity to get closer to their customers, drive cultural change in their organisations and – ultimately re-build trust in their business and across the wider sector? SPEAKERS Patrick Smith, Executive Director, Tribe Advisory Chair: Mark Huxley, Consultant, Huxley Advisory

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01 04 2020