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IICF UK Conference 2020: Building a Sustainable Future

Looking to gain 2020 vision? Hear from Denis Duverne, Chair of AXA and the IDF and join over 150 industry leaders at the IICF UK 2020 Conference on Building a Sustainable Future on topics of resilience, the role of insurance in creating more sustainable communities, building inclusive teams and leadership skills for the future. 4 CPD hours available. Slipcase users receive 15% off individual tickets. Enter promo code SLIPCASE15OFF at checkout.

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11 03 2020

Insider Progress: Classism and Social Mobility

Workshop led by Siân Jones - an ITV News Presenter and Broadcaster who also worked for Sky News, Bloomberg, CNBC and GMTV. The session is designed to help individuals learn how to assert themselves in the workplace and promote one’s personal brand. Insider Progress is designed to provide a clear view of how embracing and celebrating employees’ differences can bring new business opportunities in (re)insurance. Keeping intersectionality at the core, we are determined to offer individuals the opportunity to openly address and tackle the difficulties they face. This Insider Progress conference will focus how classism disrupts social mobility in the insurance industry.

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12 03 2020