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US Property Cat Awards 2020

Unlike traditional awards ceremonies where a panel of judges pick who they believe to be the winner of a category, the winners are derived from aggregated survey data collected by The Insurance Insider's Insights Team. The survey only allows for underwriters and brokers active in the US property cat reinsurance sector to take part. Survey participation levels are set as to achieve statistically significant results. When the survey closes, we will produce shortlists for each individual award, where we will pick the top five highest-ranked individuals from each company in their respective field. For the company awards, we will pick the top five firms that received the highest score for that category. The winner of each category will simply be the individual or company with the highest score made up from their supporters' vote.

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23 04 2020

InsiderTech London Virtual Conference

InsiderTech 2020 brings together the most innovative (re)insurance leaders, latest technologies and the smartest money from across the sector and delve into high-level strategic thinking for InsurTech in wholesale specialty and (re)insurance. Keynote speakers and panel sessions will offer 200 InsurTech leaders, start-ups and over 150 companies the opportunity to hear from distinguished experts who will unpick some of the most critical and progressive questions facing the industry.

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21 05 2020