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A.M. Best’s More Transparent Ratings Criteria Provide Benefits To Insurers That Proactively “Own Their Ratings”

Maintaining or improving ratings is a priority for most insurers. This can be challenging amid increasing demands for companies to “own their risk” (Own Risk and Solvency Assessment “ORSA”) in an environment of evolving...

(Re)insurers modifying their behavior ahead of A.M. Best’s new ratings and BCAR criteria

Industry accelerates risk profile analytics and development of their own risk tolerances and stochastic capital modeling: The launch of A.M. Best’s (Best) new ratings and Stochastic-based Best’s Capital Adequacy Ratio (BCAR) draft criteria became an inflection point for (re)insurers worldwide...

Rating Agency Developments, Part I

There is a great deal of overlap between the goals of government regulators and credit rating agencies. The difference, however, is in the output, with regulators providing a license to trade, or not, and the rating agencies offering a graduated scale of relative strength. Regulatory solvency approval can be viewed as a “qualifier” or minimum standard required to be considered by a customer...

Full Presentation: 1 January 2016 Renewals - Innovation and Customisation

Nick Frankland opened the presentation by providing a brief overview of renewals activity. “The January 2016 renewal was an orderly, stable, very business-like renewal. It was on time and it developed and performed very much as we predicted at Baden Baden. Prices were generally lower than at 2015, but they decreased at a slower rate. The amount of reinsurance capital was broadly stable, but capacity still exceeded demand and overall more limits were purchased..."