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“Visual Intelligence” critical to advancing response capabilities globally

Industry must more effectively harness potential of satellite, drone and aerial technologies: Advances in the development of ”visual intelligence” based on multiple data sources including satellite imagery and drone footage have the potential to significantly enhance claims...

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BRINK’s Top 5 Technology Stories

Technological innovations guarantee that what was cutting edge yesterday is obsolete by tomorrow. Technology can dramatically increase productivity and make conducting business easier, but with technological developments come unforeseen risks. New technologies are susceptible to security breaches...

Unmanned Aerial Systems/Drones

Growth projections for the drone or Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) sector are nothing short of phenomenal, as the opportunities and advantages afforded by using this type of machinery in construction, agriculture, energy/utilities, mining, real estate, news media, film production and public safety become increasingly more apparent each passing day. Nevertheless, the potential economic benefits are considered to be vast, expecting...