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The Lloyd’s Market Association (LMA) represents the interests of the Lloyd's community, providing professional and technical support to our members. All managing and members' agents at Lloyd’s are full members, together managing a gross premium income of around £26 billion in 2015.

Pushing for Progress

I don’t come out to play very often on this subject but was prevailed upon on this occasion. So here it is for what it is worth. If anyone had told me when I joined the insurance market in 1978 that we would be spending so much time 40 years later still pressing for change, I would have been shocked...

Talent in the London Market - Unique Advantage

Ever since the first risks were traded in Edward Lloyd’s coffee house back in 1688, the London insurance and reinsurance market has attracted a high concentration of talent. This still holds true today and the market boasts some of the world’s best underwriters...

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