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The Chartered Insurance Institute exists to promote higher standards of integrity, technical competence and business capability and with over 120,000 members in more than 150 countries is the world's largest professional body dedicated to insurance and financial services.

Reimagining Insurance

The very nature of insurance, its role and its relationship with society is undergoing a profound and irreversible transformation...

The Rise Of The Flood

It seems counterintuitive to consider flood issues as the UK enjoys one of its driest and hottest summers, however the risk of flooding come the winter has not diminished...

The Underwriter of the Future - Six Years On

In 2012, Oliver Wyman and the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) published a joint report entitled “The Underwriter of the Future”. This report laid out our vision of what a commercial insurer might...

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It's Coming, Ready Or Not

On May 25, the General Data Protection Regulation comes into force and is set to impact the insurance industry hugely. We take a look at how to prepare...

Latent Threat

Tim Evershed examines the often overlooked risk posed by volcanoes and the evolving insurance market tackling the problem...


If you are a chief information officer, chief risk officer or have responsibilities for data protection and overall compliance, you will have...

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Social value of insurance

In thinking more deeply about the importance of insurance in society, try visualising a world without insurance. You’d have to set aside considerable funds...

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VIEW: On fracking risks and insurance - CIR

By looking forwards to potential risks, the insurance profession can not only bolster its, dare we say, poor reputation for innovation but also ensure it is acting in the public interest by not only providing protection but encouraging prevention. It is with this in mind that the CII Claims Faculty New Generation Group looked at the issue of fracking. The group reviewed the risks and associated perils that may arise from fracking activities and how any unforeseen incident...