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We are a specialist insurer with three decades of experience in providing clients with the highest standards of underwriting and claims service worldwide. All our insurance businesses are rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best.

Talk to any US directors and officers (D&O) insurer at the moment and the conversation will soon turn to Cyan....

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Attacks targeting business email accounts continued to climb in the second quarter, according to data released today by Beazley. Hardest hit were organizations using Office 365, the popular cloud-based productivity solution...

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Beazley breach insights - April 2018

Specialist insurer Beazley has reported that the number of business email compromises is accelerating, particularly for those organizations using Office 365, the popular cloud-based solution for Office...

Beazley breach insights - January 2018

Fraudulent instruction emerges as significant new cyber threat. Claims data recorded by Beazley indicates that organizations are facing an increased threat to their operations from fraudulent instruction scams...

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