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MGAs: 2028 - The Future of Insurance

If we could step into a time machine and go forward to the year 2028, what would we find? How will InsurTech shape the market, and with the onset of artificial intelligence and increasing digitisation, what do we need to do to ensure MGAs keep pace with these changes?...

Soft market conditions replace regulation as main factor affecting MGA growth

Soft market conditions have replaced regulation and compliance as the main factor affecting growth in the MGA sector in 2017, according to the latest MGAA Matters, the research-based partnership between the Managing General Agents’ Association and MGA start-up specialists Castel Underwriting Agencies Limited (Castel) 1...

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InsureTech - hype or gamechanger?

Ambant Underwriting Services host a panel discussion on "InsureTech - hype or gamechanger?" Speakers were: Chris Butcher, CEO - Ambant Underwriting Services; Flemming Bengtson...