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November 2018 Regulatory Calendar

Terms of Reference Feedback period closes for the FCA's market study on general insurance pricing practices...

  • MGAA / Report / 1 month ago
  • Regulation & Compliance

October 2018 Regulatory Calendar

Deadline for responses to the Law Commission consultation on reforming the law on insurable interest...

  • MGAA / Report / 2 months ago
  • Regulation & Compliance

September 2018 Compliance Newsletter

The FCA has published a new page on its website, setting out its expectations of brokers in choosing which insurers they place business with. It also pledges to do further work in this...

August 2018 Regulatory Calendar

The FCA published Consultation Paper CP18/11 on 1 May 2018 which confirms its final rules for FSCS funding consulted on in CP17/36 and CP16/42. It also seeks feedback on one aspect of its proposals...

  • MGAA / Report / 4 months ago
  • Regulation & Compliance

MGAs: 2028 - The Future of Insurance

If we could step into a time machine and go forward to the year 2028, what would we find? How will InsurTech shape the market, and with the onset of artificial intelligence and increasing digitisation, what do we need to do to ensure MGAs keep pace with these changes?...