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Japanese Non-Life Insurance Dashboard FYE18

Japan’s top-four non-life insurers’ average ‘combined ratio’ remained strong but deteriorated to 95% in the financial year ended March 2018 (FYE18), affected by weather-related loss events including US hurricanes...

  • Fitch Ratings / Report / 9 months ago
  • Alternative Capital

Nigerian Insurance Fundamentals Remain Favourable

Fitch Ratings says it expects the Nigerian insurance market to return to real gross written premium (GWP) growth in 2018 as favourable fundamentals support long-term development. The insurance industry in Nigeria declined in real terms in 2016 as high inflation eroded modest nominal GWP growth...

Eurozone Growth Accelerates, Cyclical Recovery Continues

The acceleration in eurozone growth in the second quarter confirms that the bloc's cyclical recovery is broadening. This is reflected in our GDP forecasts, although we expect the pace of growth to slow in 2018-2019. Eurozone GDP rose by 0.6% in 2Q17 from the previous quarter, and 2.2% from a year earlier, Eurostat said on Wednesday...