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Fitch: US D&O Liability Insurers Face Considerable Challenges

Property/casualty insurers active in the directors & officers (D&O) liability insurance market may have greater difficulty in maintaining underwriting performance in 2018 as market pricing remains highly competitive and claims trends point to meaningful challenges ahead, Fitch Ratings says...

CA Wildfires Could Threaten IOU Credit Quality

Potential credit risks to investor-owned electric utilities (IOUs) in California are growing given increased incidence of large wildfires coupled with the application of inverse condemnation to IOUs without a clear path to timely or assured recovery of related costs, according to Fitch Ratings...

NY Cyber Rules Could Raise Loss Exposures for US Insurers

The implementation of the New York Department of Financial Service's new cybersecurity regulations has the potential to underscore premium growth in cyber-security insurance and directors and officers (D&O) insurance, but could also raise loss potential for insurers...

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