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With a 300 year heritage, RSA is one of the world’s leading multinational quoted insurance groups.

Fly-tipping problem? Don’t wing it

Get practical solutions from our experts on combating fly-tipping at vacant and occupied properties in this handy risk bulletin...

  • RSA / Report / 9 months ago
  • Property - UK

Pulling The Plug On Household Leaks

The most frequent cause of household insurance claims is being tackled, thanks to the latest technology. A new report reveals a promising start in home water leak detection Escape of water is one of the...

Escape of Water: Real Estate Bulletin

Whether vacant or tenanted, escape of water can be one of the most damaging and costly problems for Real Estate businesses and property owners – not to mention the time and reputational cost involved...

  • RSA / Report / 1 year ago
  • Property - UK